Getting The Best Personal Loans for Low Income Earners (2022 Update)


If you are a low income earner in Singapore and you are shopping for a loan, your bank has most likely rejected your application. This is now a common occurrence as banks have classified low income earners a big risk. You are likely to go through countless hurdles as you try to access some quick cash when you are in need of a loan urgently.

At Katong Credit, we understand the frustration of thousands of low income earners looking for quick cash in the country. We are the premier licensed moneylender in the country and our commitment is to provide fast personal loans for low income earners.

Our loans for low income earners are designed to help you meet all financial needs. We provide custom-design personal loans that are suited to your unique financial situation. These loan products have helped us gain a foothold in the industry and we strive to protect this strong reputation.

Our Unique Personal Loans for Low Income Earners

We offer easy loan application and approval for our personal loans for low income earners. Our online application is in line with our belief that everyone should have access to quick cash to meet their financial needs. If you are above 21 years and you are Singaporean or a Permanent Resident, you qualify for our loan.

Other requirements include:

  • Proof of income (3 months’ pay slips, income tax statement, bank statement of 15 months CPF contribution history).
  • A copy of your NRIC (both sides)
  • Proof of address (PUB or handphone bill)
  • Must not be bankrupt

We have made access to personal loans easy for low income earners in the country. Give us a call today or fill up our loan application form and enjoy our excellent services.


A Brief Look at Katong Credit

There are many moneylenders in the country, but we have managed to build trust with the largest customer base over the years. Our customers have absolute trust in our professional services. Read what they say here.

We are fully licensed and our team operates under a strict code of ethics set by the Ministry of Law. We have in our team one of the best financial experts in the industry and these are the building blocks of our success. Our team is professional and friendly. However unique your financial needs, we will discuss the option available based on your salary. Our mission is to connect more people to financing in order to make their lives better.

Nothing gives us pleasure as seeing the dreams of a customer come true through our loan products. Our commitment is to exceed your highest expectations.

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