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All Loan Products at Low Interest Rates (2020 Update)

Bad Credit Personal Loan Singapore

Personal Loans

We provide one of the most affordable personal loans for people with bad credit. We are the country’s most trusted name in providing financial services for individuals and businesses that are going through a rough patch. Get in touch with us today.

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Bad Credit Fast Cash Loan Singapore

Fast Cash Loans

However long you have been a customer with your bank, it is almost impossible to find a fast cash loan to enable you meet a cash shortfall. Our mission is to help consumers just like you who have urgent need for cash but can’t access credit from traditional lenders.

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Payday Loan Singapore, Low Interest Loans

Payday Loans

Our low interest payday loans are designed to help you meet any type of financial emergency. If you are salaried or in a commission-based job, we offer short term loans repayable from your next salary. There is no need for security or collateral to qualify for our payday loans.

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Bad Credit Loans for Low Credit Rating

Bad Credit Loans

Accessing a loan from your bank when your credit rating is low is almost impossible in Singapore. Most people who are looking for quick cash are getting turned away and this makes life harder for them. This is where we come in to help you meet any cash short falls.

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SME Business Loan Singapore, Company Funding

SME Business Loans

Our SME business loans are designed to suit any financial emergency you might have and to enable smooth operations at your company. Whether you want to pay taxes or close a deal, we have a business loan package that suits you.

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Foreigner Loan & Expat Loans in Singapore

Foreigner / Expat Loans

Working in a foreign country is very demanding, especially when you are living in the most expensive cities. If you are an expat in the city and you are struggling to see the month through, you are in luck. We offer one of the most affordable foreigner / expat loans in Singapore.

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Grab / Gojek Taxi Driver Loans

The benefits that come with being a taxi driver for ride hailing apps is unparalleled. You get to be your own boss and work flexible hours. If you’re looking to sign up to become a grab / gojek driver but lack the necessary funds, we’re here to help.

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Home Renovation Loans

Having a home to call your own is probably one of our major goals in life. This is why we choose to remodel and renovate our home to better suit our lifestyle and needs. Find out how a Home Renovation can help you ease your finances and bring you one step closer to your dream home.

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Furniture Loans

Every household or office requires furniture for it to start running. After completing your home or office renovation, the next step will be to purchase the required furniture. Find out how a furniture loan from Katong Credit can help you finance your furniture purchase.

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Vacation Loans

Vacations are a great way to take a break from the mundane cycle of work. However like all luxuries in life, the cost is probably going to weigh you down. Instead of continuously pushing back your travel plans, a vacation loan might just be what you need.

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Wedding Loans

Weddings are joyous occasions that are meant to be celebrated. It is unsurprising that most of us would go the extra mile to make our weddings one that we can look back on with pride. With that said, the cost of weddings are high. Thankfully, our wedding loans are here to help.

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Hair Loss Loans

Hair loss can can happen to both male and females. Dealing with hair loss issues can be a distressing nightmare and should be tackled swiftly. If you are looking at ways to finance your advanced hair medical treatment cost, you might wish to opt for a hair loss loan.

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Luxury Goods Loans

Luxury items were once only accessible to the rich and famous. However, they are now a pretty common commodity as the purchase of luxury goods around the world is on the rise. Keen to purchase a luxury item but lack the available funds? A luxury goods loan might just be what you need.

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Car Loans

The convenience that comes with a car is unparalleled. You’ll get to enjoy the freedom of travelling as and when you want without having to jostle around with the public transport crowd. That said, owning a car requires a substantial financial investment and a car loan can come in handy.

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