How To Get A Debt Consolidation Loan With Fair Credit In Singapore


You shouldn’t shy away from getting a consolidated debt loan because you have fair credit; instead, you should take the required steps to get a fair deal.

First, understand your credit score, compare different interest rates, provide the required documents, then apply for the loan.

Here we shall discuss all you need to know about how to get a debt consolidation loan with fair credit. The article should be helpful if you read it to the end.

What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan?

A debt consolidation loan is when you take a personal loan to pay other small debts or bills for which you’re presently making payments.

The loan helps you combine debts with different installments, interests, and dates. Instead of paying them differently, you pay them together monthly.

5 Uses Of A Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation loan not only helps you avoid the mistreatment of a moneylender but also has other uses. All you need is to know how to get a debt consolidation loan with fair credit.

Here is a list of some uses:

Credit Card Loans

A debt consolidation loan assists you in clearing all credit card loans together instead of paying each differently, which can be messy and draining. Credit card debts come in handy when you’re in an emergency or need extra cash.

The problem, though, is when you don’t pay the debt, so interests accumulate hence becoming difficult to pay off.

Student Loans

A debt consolidation loan relieves you of the extra difficulties of paying a student loan. While student loans are difficult to pay off, especially when you’re still jobless, consolidated loans have better interest rates to pay off debts.

Also, if you’re living on a tight budget and have a family to take care of, money can be a problem, and that’s why you need a consolidated loan with realistic debt payment timelines.

Joint Accounts

Joint accounts become a problem when the one you’ve taken a loan with cannot keep up with its instalments.

A load of instalments can be too much and cause a hectic payment time. Get a debt consolidation loan to avoid all the instalment problems with joint accounts loans.

Renovations Loan

Renovations can be uncertain of the exact amount you use, and a budget only works sometimes. Therefore, you find yourself taking multiple loans, which becomes a problem to pay off.

Applying for a debt consolidation loan will help you keep track of the loan and minimise the payment burden.

Different Personal Loans

Personal loans can be emergency loans, payday loans, or bridging loans, and when they accumulate, they become a burden for you.

A consolidation loan helps you navigate the loan payment burden. Also, it ensures you don’t get manipulated by the extreme taxes and instalments of each personal loan you’ve taken.

Pros And Cons

A debt consolidation loan can be your saviour if you manage monthly payments and understand how to get a debt consolidation loan with fair credit. But also, it can come as a burden when you have most of your income paying a debt. Here are some pros and cons of a consolidated loan.


  • A single payment. A consolidated loan takes the place of several credit bills and replaces them with one debt. A single debt with a fixed time and interest rate
  • Can save money. If you consolidate your high interest rate debt into a low interest consolidated loan, you save money on the payment
  • Simplify finances. A consolidation loan offers a chance to pay a single monthly debt instead of multiple debts. This makes your finances simpler when you focus on one thing instead of different monthly payments


  • Higher monthly payments. A debt consolidation loan means taking a new loan with its terms. This can be a bit difficult since your loan is amortized to a fixed time, and the payment might be more than each amount you were paying for each credit
  • Probability of credit damage. Most lenders prefer you close all other accounts combined by the consolidated loan. This requirement can negatively affect your score as the lifetime of the active accounts decreases
  • Risk of growing debt. If you continue using your credit cards, you can have even more debt than you had initially. The best thing to do is pay monthly credit card balances as you continue to make payments of the consolidated loan

Where And How To Apply

Here are some steps when deciding to have all your monthly interests in a single source. Use a trusted creditor company to apply for a loan that fits your needs.

First step. Submit an online application form. It takes only a few minutes to fill out and submit.

Second step. Receive application results from your creditors. This takes a few hours to have the results with you.

Third step. Visit your creditors’ offices. Here you sign off the loan contract and have your loan almost immediately.

Ensure you enrol into an autopay to avoid running late with payment time. You want to protect the credit score at this point. This is also a good choice, so you don’t end up in debt.

Debt Consolidation Loan Vs DCP

Here is a comparison between a debt consolidation loan and a debt consolidation plan.

Debt Consolidation LoanDebt Consolidation Plan
How It WorksDebts are brought together, and as a result, there is only one monthly payment and interest rate.Debts are negotiated to pay less to the lender.
The Credit Score EffectCan improve your credit score by reducing how you utilize your credit card.Late and past-due reports for a settled deal can damage your credit score.
CostInterest rates and charge fees of consolidation loans differ.Debt settlement mostly costs nothing when you do it yourself. Though some companies charge a fee for their services.
AdvantagesBringing debts together and making single payments makes repayment easier and can save money and interest.You can clear debts for less than what you owe and do away with collection actions and lenders' lawsuits.
DisadvantagesDepending on the loan term, you can pay more over the set period.Some creditors can deny you a settlement, and late payment history damage your credit score.

How To Get A Debt Consolidation Loan With Fair Credit

Here are some steps when you decide to get a debt consolidation loan with fair credit in Singapore.

  1. Check your credit score. The truth is you have better chances of getting a debt consolidation loan if you have a good credit score.
  2. Make a plan. Get a clear plan of why you’re taking a debt consolidation loan.
  3. Check and compare debt consolidation loans. Find as many lenders as possible and compare their loans that fit your needs.
  4. Apply for a loan. Once you have your best option for a lender, you should apply for the loan.
  5. Repay your loan. Enrol into an autopay to avoid running late with payment time.

Get a Consolidated Debt Loan To Reduce Your Financial Struggle

Remember you can get a consolidated loan from different creditors in Singapore regardless of your fair credit.

All you need to do is know how to get a debt consolidation loan with fair credit.

You can contact Katong Credit to get your fair deal on a consolidated loan and simplify your financial state.

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