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Foreigner Loan & Expat Loans in Singapore
If you are an Expat looking for a Foreigner Loan in Singapore, contact us at +65 6291 2210 today for the best offer.

If you are an expat in the city and you are struggling to see the month through, you are in luck. Katong Credit offers the most affordable foreigner loans in the country and we have become one of the most recommended money lenders.

Working in a foreign country is very demanding, especially when you are living in the most expensive cities. You are away from your family and you have to settle down quickly and concentrate on your job. Singapore happens to be a favorite with expatriates and if you are one, you do appreciate how expensive life can be in the country. Buying a car for instance requires lots of savings and this might not be possible as the cost of other goods and services is also high.

We appreciate how expensive life has become in the country especially with a slow economy and almost zero growth. Like anyone else, you also feel the pinch and this is the reason we have designed our foreigner loans to help you get through to the next pay day.

If you are working in Singapore as an expatriate, you don’t have to struggle to find convenient facing. It is tough to talk to your bank for a bank loan because they require collateral. As a foreigner, it is highly likely that your salary is the only security you have, so you will not find an affordable loan to cater for your emergency. This is the main reason we have designed our foreigner loans to help you meet your needs.

Katong Credit Offers The Best Foreigner & Expat Loans in Singapore

If you are looking for the most affordable foreigner loans in the country, don’t look any further. We provide custom loans to suit your own financial situation. We have no one-fits-all loan package because we appreciate that different customer have differing needs. We also provide consultancy to guarantee you buy a loan that is easily manageable.

Our interest rates are the lowest and we have flexible repayment schedules to make it easier to repay. We also don’t have any penalties in case you want to repay your loan early and this makes us among the best moneylenders in the country. All our terms and conditions are clear and your loan assistant will help you understand each item to avoid disagreements. If any part of the term contract is not clear, our financial advisors will be at hand to assist.

Once you contact us, you will get a dedicated loan assistant to deal with you throughout the term of the loan. This makes it easier to understand the loan process.

Katong Credit at a Glance: the Trusted Legal Money Lender

We are a fully licensed moneylender operating under the regulatory authority of IPTO. Our business is guided by a passion to help and this is the reason we have developed different loan packages to suit all our clients. We realized early enough that expats who form almost 29% of the country’s population have no recourse when it comes to fast financing for emergencies. This is when the idea to provide tailor-made loans for expatriates came up.

Our expat loans are convenient and highly efficient and this is one reason we have become the most recommended moneylender in the city. If you are looking for quick financing, our loan assistants are always ready to discuss the available options for you. Whatever your financial emergency, don’t hesitate to call us because we have a solution for you. All our loans are affordable and we only offer products and services based on your specific needs.

We have invested in the best team of financial advisors who have solutions for all your financial needs.  In case you have any queries, you can also reach us online for a quick resolution of your financial needs.

How to Apply for Our Foreigner Loan

At Katong Credit, we understand how hard it is for expats to access loans. Our mission is to make this process easier and hassle-free. You can now apply for your loan online and get instant approval through your email. To qualify you must have:

  • A valid employment pass
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence (PUB/handphone bill)
  • Singapore Passport
  • Letter of appointment

Once you attach the documents, a customer representative will get back to you and advice on the available loan products. Our goal is to make it easier for expats to get financing and this is the reason we have launched the online application option. In case you need to reorganize your loan or top-up, we have options that can suit you depending on your financial situation.

Katong Credit is built on trust and integrity and our commitment is to exceed our clients’ expectations. If you are looking for trustworthy foreigner loans from a licensed Singapore money lender, give us a call or contact us online. We are fully committed to finding you a loan that is not only easy to apply but also to repay.

Contact us today for any financial assistance you might need. We promise to exceed your expectations.