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6 Best Online Grocery Shopping And Delivery Sites In Singapore: Same Day Delivery, Premium Products, Budget Options, etc.

6 Best Online Grocery Shopping And Delivery Sites In Singapore: Same Day Delivery, Premium Products, Budget Options, etc.

While we have eased into Phase 2 and many of us are enjoying our “new-found freedom”, it still pays to only only go out when necessary. This includes your grocery shopping which can easily be done online!

Online grocery shopping is quick and convenient. You can do it from the privacy of your own home and save a lot of time, especially as delivery service is provided. You get to choose your delivery slot, and your groceries will usually be at your doorstep within two to three days.

Apart from being flexible and convenient, grocery shopping is also safer for you in times that require social distancing, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

In Singapore, we are lucky to have a variety of online grocery shops. Think RedMart, NTUC, Sheng Shiong, etc. They’re just as well-provisioned as the physical supermarkets with fresh food, cleaning products, pet care items, and even electronics.

Lucky for you, we’ve comprised a list of the best online grocery shops on the island to make things simpler for you. We’ll tell you their pros, their cons, and their unique selling points so that you can make an informed decision!

A Quick Overview Of Some Online Grocery Shopping Sites & Their Offerings

Delivery Cost
Minimum Spending For Free Delivery
$40 for LiveUp Members

$60 for Non-LiveUp Members

NTUC FairPrice
$5 + $3.99 service fee (orders under $59)
$3 + $3.99 service fee (orders $59 to $78.99)
$79 ($3.99 service fee)
Cold Storage Online
Purely Fresh
$100 (U.P. $10)
All for You by Sheng Shiong

The Most Popular Online Grocery Shopping Sites In Singapore


1. RedMart: Best For Discounts

RedMart is a well-stocked online supermarket where you can purchase everything you need. You can find delicious food, pet care, kitchen supplies, and more. However, you can’t buy kitchen appliances or books from them as you would on other delivery sites.

Apart from that,they are also an affordable supermarket that offers you plenty of discounts and rebates along with attractive prices. For instance, you get free delivery for purchases over $60 and Mastercard users get a 10% discount. You can also find various brands at affordable “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promotions, plus RedMart has various promotions associated with important events.

Another advantage is that RedMart has a “My Lists” section in the upper-right corner. Here, you can view your past purchases and saved items so that you can finish your shopping even faster. These lists will help you stick to your budget and plan better.

You can purchase your items through RedMart through the Lazada app. However, some customers complained that the new Lazada app isn’t as easy to use as the old RedMart app.

  • Download Lazada(RedMart) on the Google store here
  • Download Lazada(RedMart) on the Apple store here

2. Purely Fresh: Best For Fresh Products

Purely Fresh is among Singaporean’s top choices when it comes to fresh products. If you want to ensure that you’re eating healthily, it’s worthy to invest a little more in premium products.

From the website’s interface, you will notice that Purely Fresh is a user-friendly online store. Their five categories of food are neatly arranged so that it’s easy to find the products you need. Although the food categories are limited, each of them has many delicious and fresh items.

These include fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat. They also offer Yong Tau Foo as an option for when you feel like going healthy, or on lazy days when you’re undecided on what to cook. They have both the ingredients such as fishcake, beancurd skin and taupok and also your choice of noodles from yellow noodles, kway teow to horfun.

You should also consider Purely Fresh because it allows you to customise your orders, especially when you’re buying meat. For instance, you can add your preferred cut and they’ll slice, chop, mince, or de-gut your meat and fish accordingly. This will save you lots of time!

Remember that when you’re buying from Purely Fresh, your shopping bears the Purely Fresh Guarantee. As such, you can get a complete, no-questions-asked refund if you’re not happy with the products’ quality.

However, the prices are in the high range, and you get free delivery only for amounts over $100. Another disadvantage is that you can only buy your food from Purely Fresh, so you’ll have to order other supplies elsewhere.

3. All for You by Sheng Shiong: Best For Planning

If you want to stick to your budget and shop faster than ever, Sheng Shiong has you covered with eight free lists once you register. That way, you can pre-plan all your shopping for the whole year and simply click on the right list when you want something.

If you have issues with impulse-buying, that’s the best way to lose a bad habit and save more money.

Speaking of saving money, you’ll be glad to know that Sheng Shiong online practices very low prices and it has regular promotions and discounts. Besides, you’ll find a large array of products here so that you don’t need to shop anywhere else. You can buy food, health and wellness products, household appliances, personal care products and dried food and baking items among other things. Basically a very exhuastive supermarket!

Another advantage compared to other online stores is that Sheng Shiong offers same-day delivery. Conversely, it has no mobile app and your minimum purchase has to be at least $100 for free delivery.

4. NTUC Fairprice Online: Best User-Friendly Store

As one of the most popular supermarkets in Singapore, NTUC Fairprice will probably be one of the top few supermarkets on the minds of Singaporeans.

Upon visiting the NTUC Fairprice website, the first thing you’ll notice is the word large banner on the top depicting all their current offers. Apart from that, there’s also a list of featured products that’s currently on offer. If you wish to check out all their products currently on promotion, you can simply toggle to their “Promotions” tab and save while you shop!

Besides, NTUC offers various deals and promotions. You can get free products if you buy certain other products of a minimum sum, you get carton deals, value deals, and more.

Another reason to shop here is the wide array of products they offer. You can buy food, baby products, cleaning products, plus electronics, lighting, and automotive products.

You can also make an online shopping list so that you can shop faster and stick to your plans.  So, what’s not to like about NTUC Fairprice?

5. Cold Storage Online: Best For Premium Products

If you can’t find the premium product you need in other supermarkets, chances are you can find it at Cold Storage. Keep in mind that these premium products are in the high-price league. That said, it’s worth it if you manage to find what you’re looking for.

If you want more affordable prices, check their “Promotions” category, where you can find things like weekly sales and bulk specials. If you want gourmet products, Cold Storage is here to oblige with organic delicacies and exotic fruit.

Besides, Cold Storage has a wide range of products. You can find baby stuff, food, aromatic drinks, plus appliances and cleaning products. You should also check out their blog and recipes because they have a lot of interesting resources.

Another unique selling point with Cold Storage is their bulk discounts for party drinks. You may not enjoy a party too soon because of our social distancing measures. However, you can certainly save them to celebrate after this pandemic ends!

All that being said, the disadvantage is that Cold Storage doesn’t offer quick and convenient deliveries. You’ll be assigned a slot according to your postal code and you’ll have to complete the payment in less than 30 minutes to keep your slot. Besides, you may not even find a free slot when you’re on their website so that you need to check back regularly to find one.

6. Giant Online: Best Budget Option

Giant Online is where you should go if you want the cheapest products on the island. Their regular products have low prices, but Giant Online can go even lower with their in-house products. However, keep in mind that most of the products you’ll find here aren’t top quality. You can find some good bargains if you’re not fussy, but remember that these aren’t the best on the market.

Another disadvantage is that you have to plan for your shopping in advance if you want to take advantage of these low prices. That’s because Giant offers free delivery only for purchases of at least $60 and because you won’t get next-day delivery. Just like Cold Storage, you’ll have to select a slot and finish your shopping within 30 minutes. You may also not find a free slot available, which means you’ll have to hit refresh with incredible fervour if you’re adamant to shop here.

However, the more you shop, the more you can save because Giant has all the deals, rewards, and promotions you can think of. Besides, the supermarket is jam-packed with options from all categories. You can buy your food, pet care products, baby products, and even furniture here.

Which Online Grocery Shopping Site Is For Me?


Before you go, remember to choose the right online grocery shopping store for your needs. We’ve discussed the pros and cons of six online shops in Singapore so we’re sure you can find the right store now. To summarise, here’s the tl;dr version:

  • RedMart: Best for discounts; a good array of products; poor app; 2-3 days delivery
  • Purely Fresh: Best for fresh products; personalised orders; no-hassle returns; expensive
  • All for You by Sheng Shiong: Best for planning; a large array of products; same-day delivery; no app
  • NTUC Fairprice Online: Best user-friendly store; attractive prices; a large array of products; deceiving packaging
  • Cold Storage Online: Best for premium products; good free resources; late deliveries
  • Giant Online: Best budget option; small prices; wide range of products; medium-low quality; late deliveries

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