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Bad Credit Loan Singapore

Bad Credit Loan
If you are looking for a Bad Credit Loan in Singapore, we appreciate the urgency and this is why we go an extra mile to quickly process your application. Contact us at +65 6291 2210 today.

Accessing a loan from your bank when your credit rating is low is almost impossible in Singapore.

Most people who are looking for funding are getting turned away and this makes life harder for them. This is where Katong Credit comes in handy. We are a licensed moneylender in Singapore offering flexible and unsecured bad credit loan Singapore to help you meet any cash short falls.

We appreciate that financial emergencies can affect anyone and this is why we have extended our loan services to borrowers with a poor credit profile. Having operated in the financial sector for years, we understand how hard it is for a customer with low credit to access a loan from local banks and our goal is to fill this gap in financing.

Our Loan Product Offering: Bad Credit Loans Singapore

Our bad credit loan Singapore is centered on easy approval. We appreciate that in the prevailing economic situation many consumers have poor credit rating. We don’t subject you to long loan processing procedures only to deny you the money. We have designed an easy online application process, where you can apply quickly and approval can be made in a day after you provide the required documents and sign the loan agreement with us at our office.

Our unsecured product is available for salaried employees who are able to repay the loaned amounts. To guarantee easy repayment, we provide tailor-made loans to suit your unique needs. Whether you have a medical emergency or you want to repair your car, our fast cash loan is the best product for you.

To qualify for our bad credit loans, you must be a salaried Singapore resident and at least 21 years of age. You need to provide proof of income, residence and also have a NRIC card. For foreigners, a valid work permit is necessary.

Give us a call today and our loan executives will help you find a loan that suits your financial emergency.

Overview of Katong Credit, the Top Legal Money Lender

Our mission is to become one of the largest licensed moneylender built on trust and integrity. We have built a strong customer base from our reputation for excellence and innovation. While traditional lenders are not willing to innovate and provide more affordable services, at Katong Credit this is one of our strongest underpinning.

We have a very strong team of financial experts who deal personally and confidentially with every customer. Our commitment to high customer satisfaction has made us one of the most recommended moneylender in the country and we are determined to protect this reputation. If you are looking for quick financing in the country, don’t look any further.

Contact us today for any financial assistance you might need. We promise to exceed your expectations.