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Apply for Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver Loans 2020 with Fast and Easy Approval

Apply for Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver Loans 2020 with Fast and Easy Approval

There is no denying the benefits of a Grab Taxi / Gojek driver in Singapore. If you have always wished to become your own boss, these taxi hailing platforms are giving you the chance to do exactly this. With your own car, you can drive when you wish, which means there is no limit to the money you earn.

But before Singaporeans are quitting their jobs and joining the Grab Taxi or Gojek, they are afraid of the unstable income flow that comes with the freedom. This is where a Grab Taxi / Gojek driver fast cash personal loan comes in to save the day in times of need. Katong Credit is one of the top providers for these loans and we ensure that we are one of the fastest loan providers in town for you.

I am currently a Grab Taxi / Gojek driver in Singapore. Am I am eligible for a loan with Katong Credit?

As long as you are currently driving with Grab or Gojek and able to show proof of income (weekly payslips generated from the taxi app), you automatically are eligible to take a loan from us. Click here to start your loan application with us today.

Reasons for choosing to be a Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver in Singapore today

Grab, which is rated Southeast Asia’s most popular taxi hailing platform has upped the game and the competition is a Godsend for passengers. If you are a taxi driver looking for new ways to get cash money and meet your cash shortfall from your taxi business, you can apply for a Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver Loan.

Though just introduced not too long ago, Gojek has made its mark in the taxi hailing industry in Singapore due to their competitive pricing methods compared to Grab. In Singapore, the taxi hailing service has revolutionized travel in a country where transportation is always a problem. While the country is small, getting from one point to the other can be slow and expensive and this is the reason cab services are popular.

Of course you have another source of income, but with the high cost of living in the country, an optional source of cash brings in much needed revenue. One of the major challenges for anyone working for Grab and Gojek is of course cash when fares are hard to find. This is where these loans come in handy to help you when times are tough.

Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver Loan as a Godsend in 2020

This is where a Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver loan is helping many people working with Gojek and Grab services. If you are wondering whether taking this loan is a wise move, consider the following factors:

Flexible/ Affordable Financing

This personal loan is packaged after evaluation of your finances. It is flexible and the repayments are stretched over a longer period. Consumers find it easier paying off their loans because the amount is given only after carefully assessing your financial situation.

Easy Application/Approval

You can now apply for your loan online, use a calculator to determine how much you can get and your installments. You will receive a call from us to come down to our office for a meet up once your documentation has been verified. This means you don’t have to queue at your bank and then wait for weeks before your personal loan is approved.

These loans are legally recognized by the Ministry of Law and Katong Credit Money Lender is registered. This means you will receive professional assistance during the loan process and there are no hidden charges. You also deal with a financial expert to help you manage your finances.

Looking for a Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver loan, get in touch with us today and get a free indicative quote. Our tailored personal loans are the most affordable in the country.

I would like to apply for a Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver loan now. How do I start?

Your fast cash Grab Taxi / Gojek Driver loan is packaged after evaluation of your finances. It is flexible and the repayments are stretched over a longer period. You will find it easy paying off your loans since you have a steady flow of income from offering cab services. Once you are ready, you can click here to start your online application. Once we received your application, our loan officers will give you a call back to arrange for a meetup at our office. Upon approval and sign-off of the agreement by both parties, you will receive cash or cheque on the spot.


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