Top Hair Loss Treatments in Singapore, Their Costs and Getting the Best Hair Loss Loan for the Treatment (2022 Update)


Balding, thinning hair and hair loss. This is probably the worst nightmare for people all around the world.

Most people think that balding only affects men but in truth, it affects both genders. Men tend to suffer slightly more because they often have to deal with male pattern baldness. Women will mainly see thinning or spot balding. With hair loss, the most important thing is to find its root cause.

Usually, once the person notices that they are balding, they may attempt to use hair fall control shampoos and serums in the hope of improving the situation. Hair loss is rarely caused by internal diseases or by poor diet. Usually, the causes are genetic or are part of the aging process.

Hope is not lost as there are still different treatment methods for all kinds of hair fall issues. Speaking to a doctor about the loss of hair is important so that he or she can rule out other issues and prescribe the best treatment possible with the right personal loan.

Basic Hair Loss Treatment

Once the diagnosis has been made, the appropriate treatment can be started. When the issue is genetic, some people may opt for hair pieces instead of trying to get their own hair to grow back. However, there are other options available as well. Medications that treat hair loss include the following:

  • Rogaine – This is actually a topical medication applied on the bald area. Its active ingredient is minoxidil, which is great for both females and males who may be suffering from hair loss that is moderate or mild.
  • Propecia – This particular medication has been designed for men to take orally. It deals with the issue of male pattern baldness in mild or moderate cases. The active ingredient is finasteride.
  • Aldactone – This one is also for men although it is important to note that it is not FDA-approved as yet. It is used to treat male pattern baldness and has spironolactone as its active ingredient.

The medication is usually the first step in treatment. Some people begin to see change at this point, while others may not be so lucky. If the condition fails to respond to the medication, then it is time to take the treatment a notch higher.


Advanced Medical Treatment For Hair Loss And Their Costs

If medication did not improve the situation, one can consider other forms of treatment.

1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant:
This is one of the more popular treatments. Here, healthy hair follicles are extracted from other parts of the head, usually from the sides and the back. The hair is then transplanted to the bald areas. There are usually small holes left behind after the hair has been extracted, but there is no scar and it works beautifully for those who love to keep hair short. The cost averages at about $4500, depending on the clinic and doctors.

This is a robotic hair transplant method that is excellent for men, more so if they have black or brown hair as is the case with many Singaporeans. The process is carried out by machine, where the machine is used to extract hair follicles and transplant them to bald areas. This method is excellent because there are no scars and the site where the follicles came from continues to look natural and healthy. Transplanted hair also does very well and looks good too. This is the most expensive procedure at $11,500 on average.

3. FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer):
This is a surgical procedure. First, a strip of skin with hair must be cut from a healthy area. Most times it is cut off the back of the head and tends to leave a scar. The follicles on the strip of hair are then removed one by one and grafted into the bald area. If you generally keep long hair, this will work because you can simply cover the scar at the back with it. Here, you can expect to fork out a cool $7000 give or take.

The main difference between FUE and FUT is in the way the hair is extracted. For FUE, each follicular unit is taken individually from the donor area, with no strips of tissues removed. The result of hair being removed from the donor area is less obvious as hair is removed in a random manner. FUT requires the cutting of a strip of skin with hair from the healthy donor area.

4. PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma):
This is another non-surgical treatment where platelets are harvested from one’s own blood and injected into the bald spots. The essential proteins in the cell plasma stimulate hair regrowth. Many times, this treatment is combined with other treatments for it to be successful. This one will cost about $2000 on average.

5. NeoGraft:
This one works almost like FUE. Basically, they use a handheld device to extract ones hair follicles and then transplant them to the bald areas. This is ideal for almost every type of hair. The cost is about $9,500 on average. 

Having a stable source of funding will allow you to go through with the hair loss treatment fully. This might provide you with a better result and healthier hair.


Financing Hair Loss Treatment To Get The Best Results

From the information provided above, getting hair loss treatments in Singapore does not come cheap. No matter the gender, one will need to spend quite a bit of money in order to get back their gorgeous and beautiful hair.

For individuals who do not have enough savings or extra funds for these treatments but urgently need help, they have the option of taking up hair loss loans to cover these costs. Hair loss loans are financial help specially designed for hair loss treatments. As you can imagine, most people have to take out hair loss loans to cover these costs.

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