9 Vet Clinics For Your Fur Babies & Their Prices


Key Takeaways

In Singapore, top vet clinics offer varied services and pricing. Vet Affinity provides consultations starting at S$49 and specializes in exotic pets. Woodgrove Veterinary Services offers consultations from S$42. Monster Pet Vet caters to exotic pets, with consultations starting at S$48. Island Vet Clinic is affordable, with weekday consultations at S$35. Other notable clinics include Mount Pleasant Vet, Landon Vet, The Animal Clinic, Amber Vet Practice, and Advanced Vet Care, each offering specialized and emergency services, ensuring comprehensive care for pets.

Choosing the right vet clinic for your pets is crucial for their health and well-being. With numerous options available in Singapore, deciding which one is best suited for your furry family can be overwhelming. Worry not because we’ve researched some of the best that offer impeccable services.

This guide will help you read through the top nine vet clinics in Singapore, highlighting their services and prices to ensure your fur babies receive the best care possible.

Vet Affinity

Located conveniently in the heart of Singapore, Vet Affinity is known for its comprehensive veterinary services.


  • Primary Consultation: General health checks and consultations.
  • Sterilisation: Procedures for both dogs and cats.
  • Dental Work: Includes scaling, polishing, and extractions.


  • Consultation: S$49
  • Sterilisation: S$270
  • Dental Work: S$480

Unique Selling Point

Vet Affinity stands out for its user-friendly online booking system and its expertise in handling exotic pets. They are committed to providing personalised care tailored to each pet’s needs.

One of the best vet clinics in Singapore is Vet Affinity. It has a transparent glass front and a queue of adorable friends waiting to be seen. Fees for services at Vet Affinity begin at S$49 for a primary consultation and range up to S$270 for sterilisation. Prices start at S$480 for dental work.

We all hate calling the vet and waiting on hold, but Vet Affinity lets you book appointments online.

Whether you have a cat, dog, or some other pet in your life – look no further than Dr Kris Koh! Not only does she treat all sorts of animals, but she also has experience working with bunnies which makes her one-of-a-kind at Vet Affinity.

On the flipside, you’ll need to book two weeks ahead for an appointment.

Woodgrove Veterinary Services

Woodgrove Veterinary Services is located in Woodlands and it offers a range of veterinary services in a welcoming environment.


  • General Consultations: Regular health checks and consultations.
  • Sterilisations: Safe and effective procedures.
  • Hospitalisation: Facilities for pets requiring extended care.


  • General consultation: From S$42
  • Vaccination at S$38
  • Sterilisation: Cats starting S$168 for male and S$290 for female

Unique Selling Point

Known for their experienced vets and a no hard-selling approach, Woodgrove Veterinary Services ensures your pet’s health is their top priority without pushing unnecessary treatments.

Woodgrove Veterinary Services, located in Woodlands, offers a warm and welcoming environment for your pets. Their experienced veterinarians provide a range of services, including general consultations, sterilisations, and hospitalisation. While specific prices are not provided, their transparent approach ensures you know what to expect.

What sets Woodgrove apart is their commitment to your pet’s well-being without any hard-selling tactics. They focus on delivering quality care and building long-term relationships with pet owners.

However, appointments can be in high demand, so booking in advance is recommended.

Monster Pet Vet

Located in the Central Business District, Monster Pet Vet is ideal for busy pet owners.


  • General Medical Services: Routine health checks and treatments.
  • Surgeries: Various surgical procedures.
  • Alternative Therapies: Holistic treatments for pets.


  • General Consultation: S$48
  • Senior Veterinarians: S$53

Unique Selling Point

Specialising in exotic pet care, Monster Pet Vet is a go-to clinic for pet owners with unique and non-traditional pets.

Monster Pet Vet, conveniently located in the bustling Central Business District, caters to the needs of busy pet owners. Their services range from general medical services and surgeries to alternative therapies. A general consultation costs S$48, while senior veterinarians charge S$53.

Their specialisation in exotic pet care makes them stand out. Whether you have a unique pet or a traditional one, Monster Pet Vet offers the expertise you need.

A slight downside is the premium pricing for senior veterinarians, but the specialised care makes it worthwhile.

Island Vet Clinic

With branches in Bedok and Jurong, Island Vet Clinic is easily accessible.


  • General Consultations: Regular health assessments.
  • Dental Scaling: Comprehensive dental care for pets.


  • Weekday Consultation: S$35
  • Weekend Consultation: S$50
  • Dental Scaling: S$155

Unique Selling Point

Island Vet Clinic, with locations in Bedok and Jurong, offers easy accessibility for pet owners. Their services include general consultations and dental scaling. Prices are quite affordable, with weekday consultations at S$35, weekend consultations at S$50, and dental scaling at S$155.

They are renowned for their affordable dental services, ensuring your pet’s oral health is well-maintained without breaking the bank.

However, due to high demand, weekend appointments might require early booking to secure a spot.

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Mount Pleasant Vet

Mount Pleasant Vet has multiple branches across Singapore, ensuring convenience for pet owners.


  • General Medicine: Routine checks and treatments.
  • Surgery: Various surgical procedures.
  • Dermatology & Oncology: Specialised treatments.


  • Day Consultation: S$40.65
  • Evening Consultation: S$48.20

Unique Selling Point

Offering 24-hour emergency services, Mount Pleasant Vet is known for its reliability and comprehensive care.

Mount Pleasant Vet, with its multiple branches, ensures that pet owners across Singapore have access to quality veterinary care. They provide a wide range of services, including general medicine, surgery, dermatology, and oncology. Day consultations are priced at S$40.65, while evening consultations cost S$48.20.

Their 24-hour emergency services make them a reliable option for urgent pet care needs.

While the prices are slightly higher for evening consultations, the assurance of round-the-clock care is a significant benefit for pet owners.

Landon Vet

Landon Vet is located in Western Singapore. It is actually easily accessible from various parts of Singapore.


  • Surgery: Advanced surgical procedures.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Comprehensive diagnostic services.
  • Cardiology: Specialised heart care.


  • Emergency Consultation: S$160
  • Public Holiday Consultation: S$200

Unique Selling Point

Landon Vet specialises in advanced medical procedures, making it the ideal choice for pets requiring specialised care.

Landon Vet offers advanced medical care focusing on surgical procedures, diagnostics, and cardiology. Emergency consultations cost S$160, and public holiday consultations cost S$200.

Their specialisation in advanced medical procedures makes them an excellent choice for pets needing specialised care.

However, the higher costs for emergency and holiday consultations can be a downside for some pet owners.

The Animal Clinic

The Animal Clinic has various locations across Singapore.


  • General Consultation: Routine health assessments.
  • Basic Surgery: Common surgical procedures.


  • Standard Consultation: S$55
  • Extended Consultation: S$82.50

Unique Selling Point

Known for its experienced team and affordable vaccination packages, The Animal Clinic ensures your pets receive top-notch care.

The Animal Clinic offers a range of services, including general consultations and basic surgeries. Standard consultations are priced at S$55, while extended consultations cost S$82.50.

Their experienced team and affordable vaccination packages make them a reliable choice for pet owners.

However, the slightly higher cost of extended consultations may be a huge downside for some.

Amber Vet Practice

Located in the East side of Singapore, Amber Vet Practice is easily accessible for residents in that area.


  • Comprehensive Medical Services: Including surgeries and diagnostics.
  • Emergency services
  • Acupuncture


  • Consultation: S$45
  • Peak Hour Consultation: S$67

Unique Selling Point

Amber Vet Practice boasts a highly reputed surgeon who specialises in feline care, ensuring your cats get the best treatment possible.

Amber Vet Practice offers comprehensive medical services, including surgeries and diagnostics. Consultations are priced at S$45, and peak hour consultations cost S$67.

Their highly reputed surgeon and specialisation in feline care make them an excellent choice for cat owners.

The peak hour consultation prices are higher, but the quality of care provided makes it worthwhile.

Advanced Vet Care

Advanced Vet Care is available in a couple of locations in Singapore, strategically located to serve a wide area.


  • 24-hour Emergency Care: Round-the-clock medical attention.
  • Extensive Diagnostic and Surgical Services: Comprehensive care for all pet needs.
  • Dentistry
  • CT Scans


  • Standard Consultation: S$42
  • Night Consultation: S$128

Unique Selling Point

Advanced Vet Care is an animal hospital with extensive medical capabilities, making it a top choice for emergency and specialised care.

Advanced Vet Care offers 24-hour emergency services and extensive diagnostic and surgical services. Standard consultations cost S$42, and night consultations are priced at S$128.

Their round-the-clock medical attention and extensive capabilities make them a top choice for emergency and specialised care.

However, the higher cost of night consultations might be a hinderance for some pet owners.

Finding the Best Vet Clinic for Your Pet

Choosing the best vet clinic for your pet involves considering various factors such as location, services, and costs. Each clinic caters to different needs, from general health checks to specialised care for exotic pets. Always read reviews and consider the convenience of booking appointments and emergency services.

If you find veterinary costs overwhelming, consider financial assistance options. At Katong Credit, we offer tailored loan solutions to help manage your expenses. Apply for a loan today and ensure your fur babies get the care they deserve.